October 3, 2011
WSJ Highlights - 9/30/2011

- "At Issue for RIM: Its Target Market", RIM’s struggles with its PlayBook tablet illustrate an ongoing issue for the company, should it continue to target corporate users or normal consumers?

- "Ellison Stirs the Pot Over HP Deal", good summary of events if you’ve missed the ongoing war of words over whether Autonomy approached Oracle about a deal before being acquired by HP

- "Why Amazon Promotes Its Rivals", Amazon has started to sell more advertisements to competitors selling similar products but is confident that their low prices will keep customers buying from them

- "Amazon Cloud Boosts Fire", Amazon is leveraging its industry leading Web Services division to deliver the Fire tablet at a $199 price point - consumers can do operations in the “cloud” that would otherwise require more advanced hardware

- "Is GE China Venture Good for US?", raises question of whether GE’s joint venture with the Aviation Industry Corp. of China will give up too much access to their proprietary aviation technology and whether this can ultimately affect the US’s stronghold on the industry

- "Deal Would Unite S&P With DJIA", McGraw-Hill has been in talks for over a year with the CME group about combining it’s S&P Indices business with the CME’s Dow Jones Indexes unit

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