October 9, 2011
WSJ Weekend Highlights - 10/8/11

- "Who Will be the ‘Next Steve Jobs’?", who can become the next innovator that pushes the boundaries of what people expect and change the way that people live their everyday lives? - examples include Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos

- "Steve Jobs: The Secular Prophet", Steve Jobs viewed technological progress as his religion

- "Sprint’s Stumbles Take Toll on Stock", Sprint’s shares were crushed this week after an investor presentation in NY in which senior management mentioned the¬†need to tap capital markets for additional funds and also failed to disclose any projections that inclluded the impact of¬†offering the iPhone

- "Disney’s Iger to Drop CEO Role", Bob Iger announced that he will step down as CEO of Disney in 2015, hopefully setting the stage for an orderly and well thought out succession plan

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